All Might Fall

by Blame My Vice

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released March 10, 2013

Recorded by Wilson Silva at Wrecords Studio in Seixal, Portugal.
All songs and lyrics by Blame My Vice.
Artwork by Paulo Xavier.

BMV are:
V: Nuno Gil
G: João Leal
G: Eduardo Gil
B: Luis Peixoto
D: João Fonseca

2013 Fundão, Portugal.



all rights reserved


Blame My Vice Portugal

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Track Name: Your Life Your Choice
hold on fast for this new beginning. your life is starting to have a new meaning. you have been living with so much oppression, leading your dreams into an obsession. raise your head up for a new day. you must forget about the things they say. you aren't under anybody else. just believe in yourself, there's no other way. we won't give up, we are what we believe. there's a fire in our hearts, and it's time to set it free. we are the wave that will wash all the hate away. we're a strong force of clarity that will wipe out the tragedy. get the fuck away. i don't care what you say. fuck. for so much time, we've been under pressure. we couldn't feel a little ray of pleasure. but now has come the time to get out from under the wings of full depression. now you have a way to choose the path you take. the purpose of life means nothing if you back down. and if you don't live for something, you will drop dead.
Track Name: Inside Out
i blame you for all that went wrong with us. did you answer my call? i could not realize. i know i'm right because you saw me with different eyes that only shows your side. i could not realize i lost for you my love and pride. i wake up, so alive. i turn the page. right now is the time. when promises are far away, only our unspoken words will stay. love of mine, i tried to move through these sand traps doing anything not to fall, but i couldn't blame you anymore. right now is the time. right now.
Track Name: Every Lie Has Come Out
i start to think that i'm going insane. is my mind playing me tricks, or am i getting scammed? how can we still believe in everything they say, when every choice they make leave us in chaos. those bloodsucking leeches fight for no one but themselves. their words are poison and we all have to ingest it. lies. run. free. everyday have been misleading us. the main reason why we've been so naive. let's stop this shit, let's burn the poison. their lies have cost our lives. this time we won't be quiet. we fight for freedom, we fight for us. the time of weakness has ended, now it's time to fight them back. it's time to revolt. fuck you, you fucking leeches. you are nothing without us, so now crawl back into your holes. you will no longer harm us. you run like fucking cowards, now that you have it at your door. the truth is out. we have no escape. you asked for the war. well, i say: now, every lie has come out, so get the fuck out. you fucking liar/s.
Track Name: Wasted
hey people, if you like to get wasted and all fucked up then this is something that you wanna hear. i want you to listen close 'cause we're about to bring this motherfucker down. oh shit! everything is twisted, all i can hear is bitches asking for a dick to fuck in the next room. you fucking bitch, this time i've got you for good. i'll tell you one thing: i ain't gonna be smooth. drink drink drink, all you motherfuckers drink. all aboard this raving ship, let make sure it won't sink. fuck fuck fuck, everybody is getting drunk. we're so motherfucking wasted, the party must never stop. drink until you throw up, and then once again.